Does anyone have iFolder 2.1 and NetDrive running successfully
from a Thin-client scenario working?

We have a test setup which includes:

NetWare 6.0 SP3 Server running:-
DNS Server
LDAP v3 for Novell eDirectory 8.6.2
iFolder 2.1 Server
Apache 1.31.04
Novell JVM Version 1.3.1_04

Windows XP Professional running
iFolder Client 2.1
NetDrive 4.1

PC connects ok via iFolder Client and syncs ok.
Then configuring NetDrive on PC with Site address of Netware server
e.g., selecting Server Type of iFolder, selecting

drive letter and de-selecting Anonymous/Public Logon so the user has
enter their username, password and passphrase. After typing this the

'Can't connect to iFolder server at, Server Connect failed, error = -105' is displayed.

The same thing happens from a Citrix server with NetDrive 4.1

Anyone any ideas?