I have a strange problem with the iFolder 2.1 Client.
With all Clients > 2.0 I have the ability to change the synced folder
to what ever I want, but now I have a very interesting problem.
I installed the Client to C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder\ (Default
directory) and I said the client to sync D:\<Whateverdirname>.
When the client started he created D:\Program
Files\Novell\iFolder\<Username>\Home\. Within this directory he
created a lot of *.DIR *.MAP Files... When I deleted the Directory (or
moved it to C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder\..) it stated 'Restoring
iFolder Database' and recreated the files.
Now my problem. Why the hell does he create the Directory/Files on the
Drive I have installed the Sync Drive and not where the iFolder
Programm is installed ?

The Server is NW6 SP3 / iFolder 2.1

Clients were:
1x Windows 2000 SP3 (German, so it was Programme instead of Program
Files but same problem)
1x Windows XP Prof SP1

Thanks for any Help.
Mathias Faust