Hi I just wanted to know what filters to set up in Border manager
for iFolder to work from outside. At the moment I can login from
my intranet but not over the internet.
I can login thru the internet over PDA login, though. But not using my

client or web login (normal).

I have my iFolder server on another server than BorderManager and have

redirected all traffic from a secondary IP adress to my fileserver
iFolder is situated.
I have allowed traffic to xx.xx.xx.xx:52443 and xx.xx.xx.xx:52080
are my iFolder ports. I have checked that the ports are the same in
config file in the Apache folder and iFolder on my server.
Do I have to allow trafic from the server to my bordermanager and to
internet and if so from witch ports?


Newbe from Finland

Dominicus Björkstam
(and not IT professional but a fast learner and have been using
since 5 years back but not trffic over the internet to my server.)