The problem.....

The ifolder client reports used/free space incorrectly (in the
thermometer) when the disk quota for the user is set at
2048MB or higher.

At a 2047 MB disk quota, and empty iFolder reports 2047.0MB free on
the server, 0.0 MB used and 2047 total.

At a 2048 MB disk quota, an empty iFolder reports 2048 free, 0 used
and 2048 available.

HOWEVER, the green 'thermometer' is appx 95% 'full'. I know it's
cosmetic, but it confused me for some time.

The fix? Dunno, but do iFolder users REALLY need 2G of storage?
Probably not, but a curious 'bug' nevertheless.

Win2k, NW Client 4.8SP2, iFolder client 1.01 9/4/01.