I apologize beforehand as I'm an iFolder newbie.

I seem to have an occasional problem when downloading from the server.

iFolder will start to download and will give me the message "Download

Failed" and it will delete the file from my local iFolder that it was

downloading as well as from the server. Net result...the file is gone!

Doesn't show up in the Conflict Bin either. If I didn't backup my
iFolder religiously that file and all my work on it would be history.

Any ideas?

Here's the log...

7/31/2003 2:41:20 PM Client connecting to:
7/31/2003 2:41:20 PM Login user\Home
7/31/2003 2:41:22 PM Synchronizing with server...
7/31/2003 2:41:24 PM Downloading Harps2003.QBW
7/31/2003 2:41:30 PM Download failed
7/31/2003 2:41:31 PM Deleting file:
7/31/2003 2:41:31 PM Deleting file:
7/31/2003 2:41:32 PM Synchronization failed
7/31/2003 2:43:10 PM Synchronizing with server...
7/31/2003 2:43:11 PM Downloading Rockers2003.QBW
7/31/2003 2:47:57 PM Inserting downloaded file: [iFolder]
7/31/2003 2:47:58 PM Synchronization complete

Harps2003.qbw is the file that ends up being deleted from both

Thanks for any and all help.