I am testing a Novell 6.0 server with Service Pack 3. I have
installed Netstorage, which is using port 51443. Now the server is
sitting behind a Linksys
BEFSR41 DSL Router with the IP address configured to be the DMZ.
Everything seems to work fine when I am behind the firewall, I can
access the
webpages, I can upload files, and I can download files. But when I am

outside the firewall I am running into a few problems. When I accessNetstorage from
outside the Firewall, I can access the webpages, I can log into the
server, and I can browse the file structure, but when I try to upload
download large files I get this message from Internet Explorer: "thedata area passed to a system call is too small". Netscape give me a
similar message.

It seems then the DSL Router translates the address there is
something lost, which I cannot find. What is strange is this problem
only happening with
larger files, larger the 10 Meg. Regular Word documents can be
uploaded, downloaded and opened fine, but larger files will not upload

or download.

I would appreciate any help with this problem.