I am using ifolder 2.1 on NW6 sp3 server.
I installed the client on my xp sp1 NW client 4.83sp2 PC (primary) and

put a simple text file in the ifolder directory. When I install
ifolder on another PC, it downloads the file, but it only contains

When I create a file in the ifolder directory on the secondary PC, I
can read it fine on the primary PC.

I used the primary PC to test out ifolder on my test server, so I
suspect some contamination remains from the original test. I went
through the registry and deleted all references to ifolder that
remained after uninstalling and then re-installed.

I also removed the folders on the server and disabled and re-enabled
the ifolder user.

How can I fix this? Until I find out what happened, I don't have the
confidence to deploy ifolder to end users.

-->Russ Ringer