I'll try and make this as concise as possible. Running ifolder 2.1 on

NW6, sp2. I did an initial installation was able to log in as admin,

make changes, activate myself as a users, etc. Loaded up the client,

connected with no problem, dumped a couple files in the ifolder and
everything was syncing fine. Then I decided that I wanted to user
secure LDAP, so I followed the instructions to uninstall and reinstall

ifolder, which I did sucessfully. I can log in as admin, activate
users. I have even added myself as an admin and I can log in to the admin server. But, when I try and load the ifolder client on my
and go through the setup I get a -105 error. I can, however, install
as a different user, I can get through just fine. Even if I go to a different workstation, I still cannot install the ifolder client. I
the same -105 error. I can access via the web and have been able to
in and upload a file.

I'm thinking there may be some residual setting somewhere from my
previous installation and that I didn't properly removed my old
I have run dsrepair a couple of times, done the dstrace +ldap
LDAP is obviously running because I can access ifolder setup with my

own login ID and make any necessary changes, etc. But for some reason

my own login gets the -105 error every time I try and configure the
actual client.

I've check the atrributes settings in console one and the ifolder
attributes are all there.

Any suggestions or thoughts are approciated.