I have iFolder up and running. NW 6, sp2, iFolder 2.1. Ldap is
working. My problem is the with DNS and IP address and accessing
internally and externally. I can get through the the Admin page fine.

The iFolder server is it's own server and I have a secondary Public IP

addresses added to our BM server with NAT set up between this
address and the private IP address of the iFolder server.

When I originally configured the iFolder Server I specified our
address for both the Public and Private IP Address, just because I
wanted to get it running internally. Once I had it running
I figured I would just go into the Admin setting and under the iFolder

Servers page change the public IP address to that of the NAT'd
IP address. When I do this, I can get in from the outside via the
browser, but it stops working internally. When I try and log in to
iFolder using the client from within my network and check the apache server it says LOCATE_SERVER tim=<public IP address>. Since I am
my network on the private side, shouldn't this be passing the private


Whatever I change the IP address to, I can always get through to the Admin console.