I am running 4 pcs with a ifolder 2.0 account. Two of these are at
the office with the server, 2 of them at home. Until this week as waswell. This week two of the pcs now sync fvery slow. one PC is at the

office one is at home. Right now I am watching the server and
watching activity from the two at home. The slow one says sycronizing

with server and takes maybe a full minute or more to complete then
says sycronization complete. Floating mouse over my tray icon for
ifolder says "Novell ifolder is downloading files" and the down arrow

is animating. But nothing downloads. Folder is synced. The fast onedoes exactly the same only much faster. in fact in will sync two or
three times wile the slow when is trying. The slow PC at the office
is now acting the same as the slow one at home. All 4 pcs are
different speed and memory ranging from 600mhz 512 to 1.5mhz 512. The

1.5 at the office is one of the slow ones. It does not seem to be the

PC. I have also reinstalled the client at home and made it completely

resync the home folder.
And help would be greatly appreciated.