Hello world of cool guy's!

I have installed iFolder 2.1 professional on a W2KAS, SP3 server with

It is a new install, everything default, but still iFolder does not

I cannot access the iFolderServer/Admin site using HTTPS.
Using HTTP I can access the site, but not configure anything since
needed. (Same is the case for the user web site)
I have the same problem when using eDir 8.7.1 as the LDAP directory
iFolder (again on W2K and IIS).

Anyone using iFolder 2.1 on IIS, let me know.

The thing I'm wondering about is this: To go to HTTPS, we need a
certificate. But what will be generating this certificate? Apart fromiFolder, no other
Novell software is installed. Also only IIS is installed and not the
Microsoft Certificate Services.
iFolder documentation does not mention any prerequisites on this part.

Knowledgebase has no references about iFolder2.1 on IIS

Since this is all very basic/ default installation I wonder what
thinks of this. (Documentation) bug somewhere?

Ren Bonte
The Netherlands