Hi There

We are testing iFolder 2.1 on Windows 2000 with IIS and Active
Besides very bad documentation we found a few other things to make it
That is, as long as the iFolder storage location remains local to theserver. We need to, however, save the files to a NAS device attached
another server. It has been said on Coolsolutions that this is
possible but
no more information is given. Installation completes without error,
management is possible, users can be added. When a user tries to logon
iFolder using the client or the web he gets an error "Authentication
(-25)" or "Authentication failure (-23)" . Wait one minute and try
you can establish a connection. You can not sync with the server. The
error log shows :
check user begin
unable to open DIRCON.DAT corrupted
dircon.dat missing
new databaseid:3f6061df (or something)
check user complete

When having a look at the server, the services are running, LDAP is
passwords are typed correctly. What is missing though is the Accountssubfolder on the iFolder storage location.

So: Is it possible to save the storage to a NAS device connected to
server? how do we fix these errors?

Any help appreciated