I keep getting -105 errors when trying to connect using ifolder client

from outside our network (internet). I can get through via the
but not client. I can even get through to the ifolder admin. I
followed the instructions on various TID and posts and am using
proxy on my BM server. I unloaded ipflt on the BM server and I still

can't get through. Both web-based login and ifolder client work find


Someone suggested running ifolder on it's own version of Apache with a

secondary ip address, which I did. I have two instances on apache
running on the server. Ldap is running on the primary private ip
address; iFolder on a secondary private ipaddress on the same server.

The config lookes something like this:

NW 6 iFolder Server / Ldap:
Primary IP Address: (this is the ldap server)
Secondary IP Address: (ifolder server)

Using clear text ldap and on BM I have a couple stateful filter
exception for ldap, both for ssl and regular (per Craig Johnson's

I found a tid about assigning 'cn' public trustee rights to root,
I did, but that didn't work either.

This has me stumped.