I have iFolder 2.1 working on a NW6SP2 server.
The admin can manage iFolder.
Now I want to add another admin in another OU
The httpd_additions_nw.conf has these two lines
LdapLoginDnContext "O=MWFP"
iFolderAdminName admin

I modified it to this
LdapLoginDnContext "O=MWFP;o=EDMHO,o=MWFP"
iFolderAdminName admin;gewhite

Now neither admin or gewhite can login to iFolder management
Either a 'Your previous login failed!' or a 'addobject:no
suchobjectInsufficient rights to access Global Settings.'

Do I have the syntax right or is there another issue?
Can only one context be set for the admin?