I had iFolder 2.1 Pro on W2K Server with AD and it worked fine. I had to
move it to another W2K server (Space) and so installed the software on the
other server and pointed the iFolder data directory to where I would copy
the file from the original server and then I disabled all the services and
copied the complete directory structure across. I actually kept the
directory as d:\iFolder-DATA so it was the same for both servers.

I can login as administrator but when I login via HTML PDA I can get in OK
and see the directory, but I can't access any of the files. The iFolder
2.11 client logins in and keeps getting the 'Connection with server
broken' message. I also can't login with NetDrive or the HTML JAVA client.

Could someone tell me how to troubleshoot a Windows only environment that
is using AD and not eDir?