If I install with the data folder C:\iFolder, iFolder works fine
When I re-install with the data folder to D:\iFolder
The D:\iFolder\error.log reports
<date> <time> user1/home - unable to open DIRCON.DAT corrupted

My iFolder client reports a -25 authentication failure, but it does login
the 2nd time
17-2-2004 12:41:49 Login User1\Home
17-2-2004 12:41:49 Authentication successful
17-2-2004 12:41:49 Restoring iFolder database...
17-2-2004 12:42:29 iFolder database restoration complete.
17-2-2004 12:42:29 Synchronizing with server...
17-2-2004 12:42:31 Create server dir: [iFolder]\.consoleone
17-2-2004 12:42:31 failed
17-2-2004 12:42:31 Synchronization failed

I think it has to do with file system rights, that I might have changed.
(Novell-guy, not so into windows ;-(
I tried to give many accounts full control to D:\iFolder, but with no