I have the following problem...

When I start the pc and the ifolder client - (automatically after login to
Windows) - I get the error:
Invalid password - Note: password are case sensitive

I have entered the correct password - but it does not seem to remember it on
the pc. I have checked the "Remember password" option in the client. If I
say OK to the error dialog box - I get the login box - but with a blank
password. As I said - the Remember password option is set - after a
succesfull login.

I have the same problem on both a Win2000 (SP4) and a WinXP pro (SP1).

I have tried with a different user - and the same occurs. And I have tried
by using ifolderdemo.novell.com - and settring the Remember password option
after an succesfull login to ifolderdemo.novell.com, but the same error
occurs when trying to log in automatically after restarting pc.

Both iFolder clients are 2.1.2


Best regards

Tue N