Netware 6, SP3

I've installed NetStorage, WebAccess, etc. on a server other than the
iFolder server, but all are in the same tree.

I can access Netstorage fine, and it does give me an option to click on
iFolder. I even get prompted for the passphrase. Everything works to
here, but then the link dies and I get a "page not found" error on my
browser. When I look at the link that iFolder is following, I see that
it wants to go to server/oneNet/NetStorage/iFolder .. but my iFolder
server is on a different server than NetStorage is running on.

I have played around with different values in the iFolder provider and
iFolder home values within NSADMIN, but still no luck.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!


Lisa Roy
Director of Technology Systems
Maine Public Broadcasting Corp.