I had seen previous posts asking about recovery of deleted iFolder files
and restoring from backup...

We recently had the misfortune of getting hit by the MyDoom.f virus (3
hours before the dat files were available monday evening), one of its
tricks is to delete files from all drives it can access. One of the
users hit uses iFolder as his MyDocuments storage location, and was
missing alot of files a couple hundred files.

On a hunch:
I looked through the iFolder folders on the server, the CONTROL.DAT
file holds the user name, so I was able to find the correct folder.
I shut down the iFolder client on his PC, copied what was left in
there to another location.
On the server folder, I then clicked salvage files (from explorer)
and saw the missing files in the sub folders, all deleted at about the
same time, salvaged them, salvaged the 1.MAP file at the root of that
users folder from the same time frame.
Restarted iFolder on his machine, and it synched back the salvaged
files to his local machine.

Note, user was using a passphrase for encryption, but that wasn't
required for any of the salvaging to work.

Before starting the full salvage, I did run a purge to get rid of
things that were older because we hadn't been running any purges on the
iFolder server.

Also, the salv98 program in cool tools was a life saver as well. Worked
splendidly for salvaging the network files zapped by those infected with
the virus. The ability to search the entire drive for the files deleted
on a specific day by a specific user made it easy to know which files
needed to be salvaged.

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve