Hi y'all,

Can anyone tell me what the rationale is for hooking into the
filesystem? I noticed that if you open a Word document in an iFolder,
change something, then save and close the file, the whole file rather
than the delta is being synced.

That's because Word actually creates a new file with a random name,
saves the data, then removes the old file, then renames the new file to
the old name. Ok. So iFolder, because it is aware of these disk
activities, doesn't do a delta replication.

But why doesn't it just periodically take a look at the iFolder folder
and start replicating when a file has been changed? If I then had the
replication interval at, say, 5 minutes or so, any file opened, edited
and closed within those 5 minutes would be delta-synced. Or if I make
sure Word stores its temp files elsewhere, the file would be delta-
synced at most 5 minutes after closure.

I hope somebody can point out the flaw in my reasoning.