New install of iFolder v 1.03 on a NW6SP4 2 node cluster. iFolder is
using Apache 1.3.29 as the host web server. Installation was ok, but I
am having trouble connecting to iFolder from more than one user.

When I login as user1, I am able to connect to the server and use the web
interface to access the iFolder documents for user1. If user1 has
administrative privileges, I am able to access the iFolder web management

Then, when I login as user2, I am unable view user1's files using the web
client. I get an error saying "Authentication failed". I can view
user2's files from the web client. Also, if user2 is not an
administrator, I am unable to use the web management interface and I get
the error "Login failed...LDAP server down".

If I stop iFolder and restart it, I can then login as either of the
users; however, once I am logged in as user1, then user2's files are not

Any ideas on what is happening here?