I recently installed Nterprise Services for Linux 1.0 on Suse Enterprise
server. I seemed to have Netstorage working as expected. I could create
storage locations and assign them to users, upload & download files etc.

Then at some point, without doing anything I'm aware of that would affect
this, NetStorage stopped working. If I create a new storage location the
folder shows up for the users I've assigned it to, but I cannot upload a
file (I get a blank dialog box) or create a folder within the location.
I get a 'authentication required' message.

The folders that were created before this problem started still work with
the users that had access to the previously but do not work if I assign
them to new users.

Can anyone give me some clues as to how to go about resolving this?


David E. Thomas
Rivercrest Technlogies, Inc.