I teach NetWare in a small community college and my lack of "real world"
may be the underlying problem here. We are on the chapter where we must
configure iFolder. We installed it when we did the initial install of
the server with no errors. When we went to set up the client, two
things happened.

1) upon entering the pass phrase and clicking ok, we get the error
"invalid password. Passwords are case sensitive. Several attempts by
all students and myself did not work. We applied the principles of
serveral TIDs on the matter with the same results. We reinstalled. No
change. Shut down the server and build another. No change. We even
built a third server. No change.
2) We went to iManager and clicked on iFolder to see what might be
going on and it asked for a login. Upon entering Admin and the
password, we got the error "LDAP server is down" WE watched the boot
process on the server, and NLAP did not throw any errors. I unloaded
NLDAP and loaded it back. No errors. I typed "modules LDAP" it is
loaded with this information.
NLDAP loaded from sys:system\
LDAP v 3 edir 8.7.0
version 10410.57 Sep 30 2002
"copyright statement"

Assumptions. NetWare 6.0 SP4 edir 8.7.0 single server.

We are past mid terms and I need to resolve this as soon as possible.
If anybody can help me please do and help me recover my dignity in front
of 15 students.

george McCabe