I am facing iFolder newbee problems, any hints welcome...

finally I have used the uninstall option of the 2.1 setup
program, stopifolder.ncf, deleted all directories on
that server, reinstalled it, the data are desired to exist
on a different volume than sys:, and there is also
a <volume>:iFolder\Access.log created by the iFolder startup

The 2.1 iF-Client is installed as well, and with


(login to the admin pages ok...)

I tried to add iFolder users. And here I seem to fail.

I tried existing eDir-users in the iFolder admin's context.
I tried non existing (unused) names. I tried just names, or with full
distinguished names.

And here I seem to miss something basic.

in the "user ldap's" there is the server showing up
(where did this survive the deletion of all iFolder folders?)
but noth the one of the ifolder admin. There are 2 contexts presented in the style


When clicking add, any search string does *not* present any hit.

the LDAPTester (coolsolutions) can successfully run queryies upon the IP Address
of the iFolder Server as LDAP Server.

What (basic thing) do I miss?

Thanks, Rudi.