Hello all,

I am having some difficulties with iFolder and NetDrive. Here is the

Netware SBS 6.0 SP3, Apache 1.3.29, iFolder 1.03 client on WinXP,
NetDrive 4.1 client on WinXP.

We have remote offices that have the iFolder client installed and
syncing to the corporate office. This seems to be working fine.

In the corporate office we have installed the NetDrive client on several
pc's. We then map a drive letter to each of the remote offices iFolder
account. This allows the users in the corporate office to access the
files for each remote office which needs to be done on a daily basis.

Here is the issue we are having.

On the workstation in the remote location everything seems to be fine.
All files are accessable and there are no synchronization issues.
However in the corporate site we are seeing situations where files that
were in the iFolder account a minute ago have disappeared. When we
check the remote office they are all in the iFolder directories. (No one
has deleted/moved, the file is not currently open, etc.) If I check via
the web site with a browser these files also appear to have magically

It seems that I can regain access to these files by stopping and
re-starting the iFolder service on the server.

Before anyone suggests, I have already verified that the antivirus
software on the server has the iFolder storage location excluded from
its real time scanning.

Does anyone have any ideas?