We upgraded our NW 6.0SP3 servers to 6.5SP1 at the weekend. After doing so
we couldn't log into Ifolder admin. "Previous login failure" would appear.
Eventually we found out what it was...


Check the line that defines the admin user's context. Ours read:

LdapLoginDnContext "*O=Resources"

Removing the * fixed the problem:

LdapLoginDnContext "O=Resources"

I have no idea why it was there in the first place, but Ifolder 1.03 had
been working absolutely fine before the upgrade.

The upgrade isn't as smooth as it should be. There a few other things you
need to do post-install:

1. Next, you have to set all the contexts where your Ifolder users are or
will be.
Global settings / Ldap users - then select your server

2. Go into Ifolder Admin, select the option to upgrade 1.x users:
Global Settings / Ifolder servers - then select your server.

3. Last of all you have to re-enable the Ifolder users. *Make a note of all
your Ifolder users before you upgrade!!*
User Managent /Advanced Search / select all users and then search.
Select all of your I-folder users then "Enable checked users as Ifolder