I'm considering a solution for environment where 4 users manipulate large
files (CAD-drawings, digital images etc.), the file size varies from 10
MB to 500 MBs.

Using iFolder as storage for these files would give the speed benefit.
When files are saved to local harddisk (iFolder) the editing program can
do the saving quickly. And iFolder takes care of the sync/backup function
as a background task.

The problem arises when all 4 users save pictures to same iFolder account
(shared iFolder account - files must be available to all 4 users).
iFolder syncs the all the uploaded files to every workstation which
generates losts of network traffic and demands large local harddisks.

The point why we are interested in iFolder is speed. Saving files over
network to mapped drive leads to up to 30 sec delay. Local file saving is
much faster and so it should be with iFolder.

Could NetDrive offer a solution to this case? With NetDrive files are not
copied to every workstation. But how about the speed when saving files,
can NetDrive use local disk as a cache and then transfer the file to
server as background task like iFolder does?

Any tips or comments are appriciated.

Kind regards, Harri