I am running iFolder 2.1 on a nw6sp4 server. I have redirected the
userdata to another volume then sys. After that I was unable to set the
client policies with the iFolder configuration site. Now I have set de
policies in de iFolder.xml file and all of de client policies do work.

But now I have new problem with the iFolder configuration site. When I
enable a User account for iFolder and let login the user for the first
time, the user must set his pass phrase and enable the option “Recover
Pass phrase” and everyting goes very well.
But when I go to the iFolder configuration site en goes to the useraccount
the configuration site gives the following message “iFolder User is
enabled but account has not been activated by the user” and I am unable to
recover his pass phrase.

What can I do to recover his pass phrase…???