Client 4.83sp1 and 4.90sp1a, iFolder 2.1. Zen 3.2

This seems only to relate to one spesific winxp-user profile(so far)..
When I sync a file, for example a Excel file, and syncs it down on
another PC. The file just displays something like " x90‚9 ". I can sync
the file fine among other XP-userprofiles, but as soon as I login with
this spesific user and sync, the file get corrupted on the
iFolderserver, and all other userprofiles gets a corrupt file synced down.
The profile in question is sadly my own, and uses a seperate group policy.

It does not mather which iFolderserver or user is being used(tried
ifolderdemo-server and local server, and various users, all getting
corrupted files as soon as this windows-profile is syncing the files.)

Also when i use the webinterface to upload the file, it doesn't get
corrupted. So it seems that it is during the sync process it gets corrupted.

Anyone have a clue what in the windowsprofile/group policy that can
cause this??