I've got kind of a strange situation.

I'm not positive it's rooted in iFolder, but I'm fairly confident it

Here's the problem:

My iFolder server logs anywhere from 40 (or so) to several hundred
(392 peak) failed logins per hour. In the log it shows something like
Time: Thursday, 4-08-2004 2:20 pm
Address: IP <server IP>
User: Unknown (ID=1)

This server sits in our DMZ and none of the users connect to it
directly. The only data it holds is the iFolder data.

Yesterday, just to help isolate things I started unloading services
individually. With the web services (ap2webdn) unloaded the failed
logins stopped. When they were reloaded (2 hours later during which
failed logins dropped to zero) the failed logins resumed.

The failed logins don't seem to happen on any particular interval but
when they happen there will be a large number of them (8+) within a

The only thing I can think of that might be out of the ordinary enough
to cause this is that the iFolder server references a DNS alias
(netservices) rather than the server name (hyperion).

Anyone know anything about this? I talked to Andrew Taubman and Jen
(didn't catch a last name, just Jen from NY) at the Sysops desk during
Brainshare, but I never had time to go back and have them help me
troubleshoot it.