I'm a consultant and run an SBS 6.5 server for my own company needs, and
some clients have expressed interest in having my company host an iFolder
server for them.
I'd put this on it's own box, and at this stage would prefer it to also be
NW6.5 for ease of management across both boxes, but I'd like to know if
all I need is to puchase iFolder user accounts or I need to buy something

From what I gather, NetWare server licenses are free (giving me 1 full
connection license which is all I think I need for admin purposes) and
eDir is free, so all I can think I need is to puchase iFolder account
licenses for my clients to connect to get things going.

Could anyone clarify if my thinking is correct, or fundementally flawed
e.g. Would I need to purchase a separate base NW65+5 user license for the