I've just installed the iFolder 2 on netware 6.5 with support pack 1. I
installed the client on my PC and tried logging in but regardless of which
username I use, it won't allow me to connect. I've already enabled users
who have access to ifolder through the Ifolder admin console. I've also
made sure that each user has appropriate access, infact I even enabled
supervisor access to all the users on the entire Tree. But I am still
unable to connect. I am thinking do I need to establish specific rights
to any particular object or folder before I can connect? The settings for
the client are set to connect at port 80, but I've tried, 443, 636 and 389
(just for kicks). I can login using netware client but not ifolder.
Other functions are working just fine except for the client part. I've
tried connecting to the ifolder server using the web browser and it seems
like the java applet won't initiliaze, perhaps I can update the java
software. But I haven't really looked into that. Right now I am more
interested in getting this client setup and would greatly appreciate
anyone's help.