iFolder 1.x had been ok before this upgrade to NW6.5sp1 and iFolder
client 2.1.2. All PC clients are XPsp1. DNS names are used. Internet
connection wizard run. ifolderServerAgent rights good. iFolder client
has been reinstalled numerous times.

Now, after trying everything in the TIDs and this newsgroup, here's what
- All users are ok on the LAN within BorderManager.
- From the Internet, I can log in and use /iFolderServer/Admin perfectly.
- From that same PC I can use my test iFolder account client ok. All
clients are in the same context, from which I have deleted the leading *.
- BUT from that very same PC I cannot log in with regular users which I
have enabled and upgraded. I get -105 on some and on others I get
"connection to server broken".

What else can I do?

Thanks a lot.