I'm setting up iFolder on a new NW6.5 SP1 server. All seems to work
well unless I have failed logons to iFolder. For each failure I'm
showing a registered connection being taken up on the server. And once
I hit my threshold of multiple logins I can no longer log into
eDirectory anywhere. The only way to release the connections is to reboot
the iFolder server each time. Obviously, that is not a solution. I've
tried dsrepair -n0 but that did not work.

I have a 60 minute timeout value set for stale iFolder connections,
but now ~5 days later the test failed logons are still showing as active

Tids 10088930 and 2968531 are pretty much what I'm seeing, however
those solutions are for the previous version of iFolder and those NLMs
do not work on the 6.5 system.

Any help would be appreciated.