I have a netware server 6.5 SP1b, with iFolder, VO and NetStorage. VO is
running fine also is NetStorage. It isn't possible to administer ifolder
server or to login to it.
In C1 I can see NDS objects caled 3_2, 4_2 a.s.o. instead of the defaults
ifolder_server01, ifolder_ldap01, ifolder_serveragent. When I open iFolder
management console via http I can login. When I check the ldap server it
shows as name 3_2 and for ifolder server it shows 4_2 as the name. If I
wanna administer users I cannot I get an error "Global settings need to be
initialized first...".

I've already tried the following: stop Apache, delete mentioned objects in
C1, run dsrepair and restart Apache. New objects were created for example
5_2, 6_2 and user administration still won't work.
It isn't possible to add a new ifolder server within ifolder manager with a
real name. When I add for example ifolder_server01 it will be changed to a
number again.

Has anyone seen this before?
thanks for any hints!