I've got iFolder 2.1.2 clients, after uninstalling the 1.03 clients. The server is NSBS 6.5, clean install inlcuding BM.

I've resolved all of my other iFolder connectivity issues except from the Internet, and broken VO in numerous different ways, all fixed. All my port numbers match in the various conf files and the param. I'm using 80 insecure and 443 secure.

Are these the usual ports for iFolder on NW6.5? The tids seem to refer mostly to Apache rather than Apache2. BM builtins only have 80 and 443 rather than the previous 52080 etc

The following iFolder client log is what I get with one connection attempt, same for both ports 443 or 80 (just to see what would happen, oh and I've tried https as well with 443), leaving out the password gives the same response. I've purged the Apache2 directories just in case.

19/05/2004 4:05:43 PM Log entries cleared.
19/05/2004 4:05:46 PM Logout
19/05/2004 4:06:00 PM Client connecting to:
19/05/2004 4:06:00 PM Init Successful
19/05/2004 4:06:02 PM Connection with server broken
19/05/2004 4:06:02 PM Login paul\Home
19/05/2004 4:06:02 PM Reconciling iFolder database...
19/05/2004 4:06:02 PM iFolder database reconciliation complete.
19/05/2004 4:06:02 PM Connection with server broken

For internal sessions I get an "encryption mismatch" on the iFolder session on the server but all seems to work. For external sessions I get nothing at all registering. I have created an additional certificate to secure GroupWise/Messenger as per NetWare Connection MAG Sept Oct 2003 and I'm wondering if this could be creating any confusion?

I created references to "SSL CertificateDNS" during this excercise when there are also already references to the same object in other locations. There seems to be no differentiation between the original that is already securing SSL for WebAccess and my new one for GroupWise/Messenger, should there be?

Thanks, Paul Segal.