i installed Nterprise Linux Service on my SLES8 server.
After configuring eDirecotry, Virtual office and many other product...i
try to configure some samba share in iFolder.

1- I create the samba share touching the smb.conf file
in /etc/opt/novell/samba directory...
2- I create a "storage location" object referenced to this share..with
cifs://ipaddress/sharename as directory path (i don't never used name with
3- I modified the "user list" for the "storage location" to be available
to all linux users (LUMUsers)

Now, when i login in my "virtual office" and clicking on the iFolder icon,
i can see the "storage location object" NAME in the iFolder window, but...

i cannot iteract with it.
If i try to create a new folder, a window with a "please wait..." message
appear for saome seconds...and when disappear, the new folder isn't

The same happen if try to copy a file there...

All seems work, but nothing happen... !!!

I check the samba configuration and is ok, i restarted the novell-httpd
daemon as the novell-smb service...
Nothing change....

If i try from windows network neighborhood (using webdav i think), all
works perfectly. I can access all the samba share without problem.

It seems that only the iFolder (java) client inside the virtual office
have this kind os problems.

Someone had these problems ? Or someone can help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance, Graziano.