I posted this question in "novell.support.netware.6x.administration-tools"
before I relized iFolder had its own forum.

I just finished installing a new NW6.5 server. I have the Apache working
properly. I have iManager and Remote Manager working properly. I am now
attempting to configure NetStorage. I have installed iFolder (installed as
part of the initial install). I have installed NetStorage (installed as part
of the initial install).

I saw some references to NetStorage problems because of iFolder problems so
I am working on getting iFolder straight initially. My problems appear to be
stemming partly from my ignorance on proper user name and password. No
matter what credentials I use I get the same results. I have looked into the
"httpd.conf" file in the root of Apache. Nothing is noted as far as
credentials. I looked into the "httpd_ifolder_nw.conf". There is one place
that refers to a user. "iFolderAdminName admin". This user does not work.

I need to make some modifications to some of the folder location parameters
etc but thought I should get the default install working first.

I am missing something. I have been to over a dozen different TIDs and am
only raising more issues. For example I have since discovered that I do not
some snap-ins required to manage LDAP installed. I have no idea where to get
these. I have been on a wild goose chase so far and would be happy for any