Here's a new one....we are running ifolder 1.03 on a Netware 6 server.
Everything was working great until we pushed down a group policy from
Active Directory setting the homepage of our IE to an intranet homepage
for our company and setting the Temporary Internet files to delete upon
closing IE and also, setting the size of the TIF to 10 mb. After
pushdown, when trying to login to iFolder, we get the error of "no
connection to the Internet" when in fact we have a connection. By
clicking on "restore defaults", the problem was corrected. However, on
new installs of iFolder to any workstation that has never run it before,
restoring defaults does not work. We know about rerunning the Internet
Connection wizard and the adding of a registry key to "forceconnection"
etc. thanks to the great TIDS available and these were bandaids that
worked. However, we are trying to find the exact registry entry that is
created at push down of this policy that is causing this to happen. Any
thoughts on the idea? Thanks in advance.