Hi there,

I've just got iFolder 1.03 working but I've run into a snag. It seems to
work fine for small files like Word docs and the like, but when it tries to
syncronize large files (200mb) it looses it's connection approx. half way
through the upload. It reports that the connection with the server is
broken, yet I can still access the server through mapped drives as well as
"my network places". Eventually iFolder reconnects and tries again but
still fails every time. The server is Netware 6 SP4 w/iFolder 1.03. The
client is Windows XP SP1 w/iFolder 1.03 client. I've tried manually copying
the 200mb file manually to the users home directory and it copies with no
problems. I've also adjusted the default iFolder space restriction to well
above what is being uploaded.

Any suggestion are always greatly appreciated!!
Thanks very much!