I seem to be having a problems with some of my LUM user accounts. I had
40 users created and all was working fine. Now only 12 of those 40 can
access their samba shares and perform other LUM user functions. The user
with the problem can log into the terminal, but it takes a long time.
Same thing if I su - username. The problem users also cannot see there
samba shares in NetStorage. There are the 12 users though that have no
problem. I have done nothing to change these users and they are mixed
with different primary groups. I also have a problem if I try to change
the samba passsword in iManager. At first it says that the change was a
success when I hit Apply, but then gives an error when I click OK. The
error starts with - "java.lang.NullPointerException at
com.novell.LinuxUserManagement.modules.SambaAccoun t.commit

Any ideas what I can check?