NW 6.5.0, iFolder 2.1.

When I log into the web-based iFolder admin and check my account for
user info it tells me "iFolder user is enabled but account has not been
activated by the user" - but I've got over 70 meg in use and have been
logging in for a few weeks. It has the same message for other users who
have been logging in successfully.

A couple of weeks ago it showed the correct info and listed me and
others as active but sometime over the last couple of weeks it stopped
showing the correct info. Admin does let me increase diskspace quotas
and does show correct info for 'Used Space', 'Last Sync', etc.

For the users that work it's not such a concern (yet), but I've got one
user who logged in successfully once, set her pass phrase and moved
files into the folder (admin shows her with 1 meg in use), yet she
hasn't been able to login again and, as the iFolder admin doesn't show
the account as activated, I can't reset the passphrase or do anything
else to her account except disable and enable, which hasn't made any

I've stopped and started iFolder on the server and restarted the server
but no luck so far. Has anyone seen this problem or have any suggestions?