I want to install iFolder into a Windows 2000 w/ ADS setup. However, before
doing so, I want to test it out. I have the media and licenses and have
installed an extra workstation with Windows 2000 Server and added it to my
domain. During installation, it wants to "Extend Directory Schema". Bear in
mind that this WILL NOT be my permanent system. I intend to install it here
and test the client interaction from my workstation only. I have all the
credentials I need, but what about uninstalling it? Will uninstalling it
also undo the changes made to the directory schema. Will it then cause a
problem when I want to bring my new, permanent server online?

Also, do I have to have this server have ADS on it? Or is having Win2k
Server, IIS5, and being a member of the domain sufficient... ie: running it
as a member server in an existing ADS network?