I've read over the forum... searched google and searched the Novell
website. Apparently I'm not the only own with this problem:

Unable to add iFolder_ServerAgent to Global Setting LDAP

Supposedly its fixed with version 2.1.3, but I can't find a release date
for that. And since 2.1 was released sometime in June 2003, I can't imagine
that no Windows 2000 users are able to use iFolder. I know this has to be
resolved somehow, but despite all my searches, I can't find where. I have
both a domain policy and a domain controller policy. Both have password
restrictions of minimum length and use complex passwords. I've tried
disabling both, but I can't get beyond this error. Supposedly, if I can
create a user without a password, I should be able to get beyond this
issue. However, I've tried all manner of disabling these policies and I
still can't create a user without a password. Can someone assist me with
the specifics of what I'd have to enable/disable-check/uncheck to be able
to create a user without a password? I think I've searched everything and
tried everything, but I'm open to ideas.

Related, anyone know when 2.1.3 is due out, since it supposedly fixes this
issue? Perhaps there's a patch or fix I can apply to my current 2.1?