I have a user who moved from one office to another. He didn't take his
iFolder data with him to the new office. He still has an account on our
NY iFolder server, but no NDS account in the NY container. The NY
iFolder server only recognizes NY users, so he can't log into iFolder
from his new office. I need to find a way to log into the NY iFolder
server as this user, download the data to my PC, and burn it onto a CD
for him. My idea was to create a new NDS account in the NY container
for him, and enable it for iFolder access. Will this procedure
re-enable the existing iFolder account? Or will iFolder make a new
account for him, erasing his old data in the process? The KB wasn't too
helpful on this matter.

Server is NW 6.0 SP3
iFolder version 2.1