NW6 sp4
edir 8.7.3
iFolder 2.1

Installed iFolder and everything worked fine. I installed everything to
the o= context of our tree but then moved all o fthe objects via a TID to
a deeper context ou=ifolder.ou.o. Then problem is that now that all of
the objects are so deep, I have users in ou.o contexts that are iFolder
users that now obviously can't login. I experimented and gave god-like
rights to root for all of the objects and most everything worked but
obviously this is not desired and some of the searching within the admin
console wasn't working fully.

Does anyone know the proper rights that are needed for each of the
objects of iFolder (5 of them, 2 users and the ifolder_xxx) objects) to
get this type of scenario working where I can bury these objects in a
tree and still have iFolder be able to search the entire tree for users.
I thought it was an LDAP issue but I've checked everything about the LDAP
server and it is working fine.

Any help would be appreciated