Our office staff is mostly engineers that are out on the road working on projects. They all have their laptops and often are in locations that do not have access to the internet. However, they need to have access to documents at the work site. iFolder seems to be a great fit for what I need to provide to our users. The files are currently located on our server and need to be accessible to others outside of the engineering group.

The question is, how do I set up iFolder so that it is a group access instead of individual?

My first thought is to create a user profile that everyone could share, but that has its problems.

I do have netdrive in place, but unless you have an internet connection, you are not going to get the files. It does not make sense to put a copy of all the files on everyones harddrive either.

So, is there anyone with some suggestion as to how to make this work?

Thanks in anticipation for your ideas.

Rick Lemon, MCSE, CCNP
IT Manager
Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group