I've got NW6.5 with Virtual Office & iFolder 2.11 installed.
I can access the iFolder web page and downlaod the client. I can login an
connect via iFolder client only ONCE for each user. After that, if I
logout and login again (from iFolder) - it tells that it's logged in
(there is an option in menu to logout), but icon is still grey, and if you
go over it with the mouse - tells 'Novell iFolder Disconnected' (in
between the sucessful login and this one nothing changed on the server or
Then - when I try to login via iFolder web page - the same thing - I put
in password, etc. - and it just shows the web page with iFolder and
button 'Login' - so it's not connetected. When I try accessing it via
NetSorage via Virtual office - when I click on the iFolder folder, asks me
for the passprhase (to set?) - and then comes back with 'Page not found'!!!
I did run previous version of iFolder on NW 6 (this is not upgrade , but
completely new installation) and it did work fine, so I know how it should
look like when it's working.
I do have the latest JVM on my PC, and I also tried to re-install iFolder
on the server and the same thing happens.
Pls help, I need to get it up & running quite urgently .
Thanks, Alex