Hi all,

Situation: on Windows XP, I set one folder within my iFolder to Encrypt
using Windows' EFS. Any and all files in that particular folder will be
encrypted (show up as green). Now, if I upload a file using the web
interface, or from another workstation, the inserted file will NOT be
encrypted. This, I think, is undesirable (and also contradicts the
documentation and sales blurbs, by the way).

This happens to me with iFolder client 2.1 (trayapp version
For what it's worth, iFolder server runs on W2K with Active Directory.

Can anyone tell me whether any of the other client versions out there
(2.1.1, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3, which apparently is now part of ZENworks 6.5)
does this correctly? And, how can I get one of these client versions?


Bert Plat
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