I have iFolder 2.1 running on a NW 6.5 SP1a server. This server was
recently moved into the DMZ, and I'd like to set up a Verisign
certificate for it. With numerous false starts and headaches, I got the
CSR generated, submitted, and received the certificate from Verisign.
iFolder still doesn't recognize the externally-signed cert, though.

A little more depth: the server name in eDirectory is IF1-SERVER, but
the iFolder service is on a secondary IP address of that server, with
the host name IF1. So the CSR had the subject "IF1.domain.xxx", but the
'owning server' is IF1-SERVER. That may be complicating the situation.

I tried changing the SSL Listen line in the HTTPD.CONF to look for the
Verisign-issued cert, but that doesn't work either.

Any thoughts?